Peace Is Possible

The Peace Amendment

Step ONE toward real and lasting peace.

America's founders knew something about peace.

That's why they gave us the 10th Amendment.

The Peace Amendment.

The 10th Amendment, the Peace Amendment,

is supposed to restrain the Federal government from...

...ruling over the whole country with absolute power.


The 10th Amendment puts restrictions on Washington, DC, allowing each of the 50 U.S. states to follow its own path.

It's about allowing Diversity.

It's about respecting our differences.


People of all political points of view...

Are saying "Yes" when they learn how Peace is Possible through the Peace Amendment. They are growing in number.

The Left Wing likes how the
10th Amendment could protect
their state's marijuana rights.

The Right Wing likes how the
10th amendment could protect
their state's gun rights.

Both Left and Right like how
the 10th Amendment could protect
their state's stand on abortion.


This could be our greatest chance ever to...

"Come Together" for Peace.



But the bad news is...

Despite the 10th Amendment's clear limits on Federal power -

a part of our original Bill of Rights -

Federal policy runs rampant.

As a result, there can be no peace.

We spend our lives fighting over

who will be in charge



And what do we get?

  • More power in Washington, DC

  • Proof that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

But this should come as no surprise.


Even in 1776, America's founders knew better than to centralize the power of the country.

They gave us the Peace Amendment.

The 10th Amendment.


But no more. For the last 100 years...

President after President 
and Congress after Congress
have ignored the Peace Amendment. 

They violate the rules.

They care only for more power. 


They have ignored the Peace Amendment for far too long.

We must convince them with our united voices.


We must tell the powerful that:

There has to be more than one way to live!

There must be freedom on some level!


Tell them we want the freedom to live in...

  • States for Conservatives. 

  • States for Liberals. 

  • States for Libertarians

  • States for Greens

  • And for so many others...

...without Federal dominance or intrusion.


Yes, we can live in peace. It is possible.

With respect for our differences.

With the Peace Amendment. The 10th Amendment.


Help us spread the word until the "powers that be" either:

  • get our message or 

  • are replaced with Peace Representatives.


Demanding that
Washington, DC respect the
Peace Amendment

is Step One

toward a world of peace.


We must be allowed more than one way to live!


Tell Washington, DC to get completely out of:

  • Medical marijuana in California

  • Doctor assisted suicide in Oregon

  • Gun rights in Texas

  • And whatever your state thinks should be legal...


Help spread this message of peace!

It's not expensive.


Help us put our message everywhere. 

Give people hope that...

Peace Is Possible.


Give people the understanding that...

America was designed with peace in mind.


America's founders gave us a tool:

The Peace Amendment.


We must not waste what we've been given.


Add your voice to the movement.

Tell the Powers-That-Be to let us have choice.


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2010 Dan Litwin