Peace Is Possible

The Peace Amendment

How can there ever be peace...
when we, ourselves, are not peaceable?

"The government's the devil's hands"
- Lenny Kravitz

Politicians, their schools, and their media friends tell us that to have progress, we must use force against innocent others:

  • We must tax each other more and more.

  • We must restrict and regulate each other more and more.

As if force is a peaceful approach.

As if working by agreement is not possible.

But these lies don't help the 99%.

Because in empowering politicians to FORCE our desires upon others...

Those politicians become CORRUPT,

and help their friends at our expense.

This can never change. Power corrupts. We're only human.

But we can do SO much better!

Without politics and its brute force methods:

  • Charities help by peaceful, voluntary action.

  • Products can be made, and sold without force.

  • Freer competition can regulate quality peacefully.

Peace IS Possible. 


Is there ever a time for government force?


We can and should prosecute real crimes:

  • Murder, robbery and rape, trespass.

  • Violations of contracts or agreements.

  • Businesses causing damage (nuclear & oil drilling).

We must not be walked upon.

But if we care about peace... 

...we must not use force to try to do good.

Human leaders are too weak to be trusted!

We ACTUALLY have laws...
saying that the nuclear and oil industries
WON'T be held responsible for accidents!

While WE are forced to follow endless rules!

Power for politicians? 

We must end that game.

Until we stop asking & allowing politicians to use the force of law to accomplish what can be done peacefully...

We are the problem.

Let us raise our consciousness and remind the world...

  • That we can do things peacefully instead of by force

  • That humans are too corruptible to handle great power.

A future of peace can be ours.

Is peace really important to you? And not just a slogan?

Change someone's mind, today.

Promote peace policies:


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